Day 2

Continuing startup/tech entrepreneur convos with hosts Bonin Bough and Lauren Maillian, keynotes, panels, workshops, and more!

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    UTC Day 2

    • Welcome

    • Isa Watson: How To Build an Agile Tech Company in the Covid Era

    • Tell Your Story Through Futuristic Immersive Technology

    • Janice Bryant Howroyd: Grow a $1 Billion Company with the Right Talent

    • Community Roundtable: Moving Forward Together on a National Startup Ecosystem

    • Workshop: What You Need To Thrive in an Innovation-Based Culture

    • Meet UTC Host Lauren Maillian

    • Melissa Hanna Founder Bite: Smash Those Fundraising Stereotypes

    • Sure, I Raised $50 Million But Kept That Bootstrapping Mentality

    • Essential Steps To Build Tech Experience for Non-Technical Founders

    • Alexandra Zatarain Founder Bite: Design and Market Your Startup with Purpose

    • Julia Collins: Create Company Culture that Unlocks the Magic

    • Baron Davis One-on-One: What I Look for in Founders

    • End of Day Recap